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Technology Department


2020-2021 was a very difficult year for everyone. Schools were challenged to screen temperatures, socially distance, clean and disinfect continually, while trying to maintain the educational standards and practices required of them. We were more dependent upon devices (Chromebooks) and Internet connectivity than ever. Willard City Schools was fortunate that we were able to supply our students with the devices they needed during the pandemic. The technology department will continue to strive to provide our students with the hardware and resources needed to succeed.

Although, there is not much positive that came from the pandemic, it did require our students and staff to stretch themselves and their skills using technology, which is a must. Technology can be a powerful tool for learning, as well improving the overall quality of life, if used correctly. It is more important than ever that we continue moving forward in education, teaching our students to utilize as many forms of technology as we can. Things that were impossible just a few short years ago have been made possible due to the many advancements we have made creating and using technology. The first private industry (Amazon) recently launched a small group of civilians into space. Food delivery services are delivered to homes using self-driving vehicles. Uber and others are developing workable air taxis. Robots and other autonomous machines are being utilized in our own local factories and businesses. Technology is far reaching and we must teach our students to utilize and adapt with it. 

As important as it is for our students to utilize different types of technology, it is more important than ever for our students and staff to embrace their humanity and develop the people skills and life skills necessary to contribute positively to society. Our goal is to provide them with both the social and technological skills to make them responsible citizens and digital citizens and prepare them for a successful transition into the workforce or their next level of education.

Lastly, below you will find several documents and videos that were created for parents, teachers and anyone else who wishes to learn. If you have any questions or would like to see some other specific tutorials posted here, please feel free to reach out to me by email at [email protected]

Mark White

Technology Coordinator

Willard City Schools

P: 419-935-1541  ext. 46005 

The Willard City School District is proud to be a Google Apps for Education school district. Every student grades 3-12 has been issued a Google account. Students may login using that account from anywhere with an Internet connection and in almost every classroom students and teachers are using these accounts to create and complete assignments.

   Parent's Guide to Google Classroom

 Google Classroom Video Tutorial




 EdPuzzle Video Tutorial

 Google Meet/Google Classroom Integration



 GoGuardian Teacher Video Tutorial

 Google Forms - Self-Grading Assessments



 SMART Notebook Upgrade Video
 Google Expeditions Video Intro

Remote & Traditional Teaching
at the Same Time
Google Forms - Extended Response Questions

Intro to Google Forms - Video 1 of 4
Google Forms Settings - Video 2 of 4

Google Forms - Embedding YouTube
Videos - Video 3 or 4
Google Forms - Video 4 of 4
- Coming Soon -

Technology Help Desk (WCS Staff Use)
Request repairs, usernames, passwords or other tech-related issues for your classroom/office

Technology Department
Mark White - Technology Coordinator
Allen Puckett - Network Technician

Technology Teaching Staff
Mr. Scott Graybeal - Game Design, Multimedia, Animation & Informational Technology
Mr. Joe Bedingfield - Grades 6-8 Technology and Anti-Bullying/Digital Citizenship
Mr. Cody Conley - Grades K-5 Technology Teacher

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