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Credit Flexibility is any alternative coursework, assessment or performance that demonstrates proficiency needed to be awarded equivalent graduation credit as approved by the school district.  Approved credit awarded through this policy will be posted on the student’s transcript and counted as required graduation credit in the related subject area or as an elective.
Any student and/or parent may apply for credit to be awarded through Credit Flexibility.  The student and/or parent will submit an application on the district Credit Flexibility Application form.  All required information must be presented.  The student and/or parent may be required to provide supporting documentation as determined by the Curriculum Director, PRINCIPAL or DESIGNEE of the Principal.  Application must be turned to Guidance prior to March 1. All additional expenses will be incurred by the student.
Review of Application:
The application will be reviewed by the Curriculum Director, Guidance Counselor(s) and PRINCIPAL and/or DESIGNEE of the Principal.  Upon approval of a completed application, the student will proceed with the learning activity and credit will be awarded accordingly. The principal or designee may consult with the chairperson of the related department.
Awarding credit:
The student will be eligible to receive credit upon satisfactory completion of the alternative coursework, activity, assessment and/or performance as required by the PRINCIPAL OR DESIGNEE.  The following standards and guidelines apply to credit awards.
  • The total number of credits that may be awarded is not limited.
  • The total number of Educational Options credits is limited as described in Board policy.
  • The credit may count toward a related course requirement for graduation as approved by the Principal or designee. Credit may count toward credit required in a subject area or for a related elective.
  • The student will be awarded a single Carnegie Unit for 120 hours engaged in learning, as approved by the PRINCIPAL OR DESIGNEE.  The PRINCIPAL OR DESIGNEE may also award a Carnegie Unit for intensive activities in the amount approved based upon the equivalence to a 120 hours course.  In any case, fractional units may be awarded.
  • The PRINCIPAL OR DESIGNEE may award a Carnegie Unit or partial unit for any assessment that demonstrates acceleration past any related course offered at Willard High School.
  • The student will be awarded a Carnegie unit or equivalent fraction of a Carnegie unit for credit that substitutes for required courses.  The credit shall be equivalent to the course credit offered at the school provided that the student demonstrates proficiency through an Assessment, performance or work product as required by the PRINCIPAL OR DESIGNEE.
  • Credit can be earned simultaneously for: 1) secondary and post secondary credit; 2) academic and career technical experiences; or 3) more than one academic content/course area.
  • As approved, credit may be earned form other districts and other educational providers (including on-line providers).
  • If a student is a transfer from another district and the student has not completed credit approved by the other district, the PRINCIPAL OR DESIGNEE shall consider this a new application for credit.  The PRINCIPAL OR DESIGNEE may consider partial completion toward partial credit or toward total credit (if completed).
  • Credits completed in another district before transfer to Willard High School shall count as graduation credits as awarded by the sending district. The PRINCIPAL OR DESIGNEE may review the transfer credit to determine substitution for specific courses or adequacy as a pre-requisite course.
  • Tests or assessments used to determine advancement and course credits will be given annually after March 1 due to planning for the subsequent school semester. Applications are due on the first March. If a test or other assessment is used the student must score at an 80% or better level to receive credit and advance. The student failing to achieve this score may not apply for the assessment for the same course credit. Any assessment for a particular course credit may only be attempted one time.
Determining Grades:
  • All Credit Flexibility course credit will be reported just as a normal classroom grade.  The grades will not be weighted.  The letter grade, to be posed on the transcript and included in the student’s G.P.A., will be awarded as determined by the PRINCIPAL OR DESIGNEE.
  • If a student fails to complete the alternative coursework, activity, assessment or performance in a reasonable time period as determined by the PRINCIPAL OR DESIGNEE, the approval to pursue the proposed credit will be revoked and a failing grade may be reported.
  • The grade must be posted before the credit can count toward graduation ,including early graduation.  If a student is unable to complete the credit due to illness (with a medical excuse) or other good reason the PRINCIPAL OR DESIGNEE may extend the time permitted or revise the requirements. If the student does not intend to complete the credit and there has been an illness or other good reason the application may be revoked by the PRINCIPAL OR DESIGNEE without posting a failing grade.

  • Should a student transfer to another district in Ohio, upon request of the student or parent, the district shall forward a copy of the approved application to the new district for their consideration.
This policy does not in any way prohibit access to on-line education, postsecondary options or services from another district approved by the board.
Student Name_____________________________________________________________________ Date of Application_________________________________________________________________ Please describe what you will do to earn this credit:
_______ test/assessment and class project
_______ coursework
_______ internet based learning
_______ field experience
_______ summer learning activities
_______ project-based learning
_______ internship (serving as an intern)
_______ mentorship (working with a mentor)
_______ independent studies
_______ other You are required to provide a thorough explanation that correlates to the academic content standards for the requested class as adopted by the Ohio Department of Education or the Willard Board of Education. (you may provide attachments): _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________
Is there a school, organization or individual(s) to support your proposed credit earning activity (reminder all additional expenses must be paid by the student): _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________
Letter grades will count in the student G.P.A. and will not be weighted.
I respectfully submit this application: __________________________________________________                                                                                        Signature of Student
I support the application: ____________________________________________________________ Signature of Parent (s)
Parent and student do not write below this line
PRINCIPAL OR DESIGNEE Date of review___________________________
PRINCIPAL                                              OR                                                       DESIGNEE Members:________________________________________________________________________ Approved for credit:________ Not approved:________ Pending:________
Application for ____________________________________________________________________
If pending – more information needed: _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________
Requirements to earn credit: _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________
How final grade is to be determined: _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________
Final date for completion:____________________________________________________________
Final grade:______________
Amount of credit:____________________________
To be applied toward required credits in:________________________________________________
Or as an elective in the following area:_________________________________________________
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